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Miramichi River
History Bites
Ferocious Fire
In October of 1825, a raging forest fire destroyed the Miramichi communities of Newcastle and Douglastown, and burned as much as 20% of New Brunswick's forest.
Fishy Facts
Super Salmon System
The Miramichi watershed, with its web of rivers, tributaries, streams and pools, is one of the world's greatest producers of Atlantic salmon.
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If you want to know about the Miramichi, follow the Atlantic salmon. They will take you upstream from the saltwater of Miramichi Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, past the City of Miramichi on the waterway's 217-kilometre-long main stem. They will lead you deep into the wild, wooded heart of New Brunswick, where the Southwest Miramichi, the Little Southwest Miramichi, the Northwest Miramichi and dozens of tributaries and brooks form a vast riparian web, draining a watershed of 12,390 square kilometres. They will take you past Beaubears Island, where starving, shivering Acadians once waited for a rescue that never came, and where Scottish shipbuilders launched their fortunes. They will lead you by Red Bank, and the ancient archeological remains of Metepenagiag, where Mi'kmaq fishing camps flourished almost 30 centuries ago. They will show you the world's most famous fly-fishing lodges and resorts, and take you to the logging and lumbering lands of Blackville, Doaktown and Boisetown. Along the way, you may hear a folksong, a fiddle…and maybe a fib or two. If you travel far enough, you will reach the secluded streams, the peaceful pools, the countless forested fingers of the greater Miramichi, the greatest Atlantic salmon river in the world.